Getting Started #1

A guide to the application widow and user interface.

Getting Started #2

Create a project, import, and register data.

Getting Started #3

New ways of working with your point cloud.

ASTM1155 Floor Evaluation

Create Face Floor Profile Numbers on concrete slabs.

Validation with pts

Evaluate wall profiles using a grid of points.

Validation with lines

Evaluate surfaces using lines.

Registration with targets

Use Survey Control Targets to register scan to scan.

Position with survey data

Position a model using Survey Control Points.

Registration with spheres

Use Spherical Targets to register scan to scan.

Registration with clusters

Use Spherical Targets to register scan to scan.

Working with scan data

How to filter, clean & edit raw scan data.

Working with DotProduct

Importing and processing with DotProduct data.

Validate an Elbow

Compute deviation of as-built data to a theoretical model.

Share in the cloud

Create content for managed access in the cloud.

360 Photography

Import and display images captured with 360 degree cameras.